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Green Beans

Green Beans

Vegetables Products

Egypt has a significant comparative advantage in the production of horticultural commodities including green bean for export, based on its geographic position and agro-climatic conditions. With a share of 25% in the Dutch market, Egypt is the main exporter of green beans to the Netherlands just ahead of Spain (24%) and Kenya (20%)[1] . For these reasons expansion in green bean cultivation has exhibited impressive growth in Egypt during the past several years with a cultivated area of 2.4% of total world cultivated area of bean, producing about 3.5% of total world production of bean[2]. The Egyptian annual growth in the production of green beans represents half of the world’s total growth[3] . The expansion of green bean cultivation is taking place in the new reclaimed lands in Egypt which is characterized as an arid land with very limited sources of irrigation water. Therefore growers have to adopt modern techniques of cultivation to improve Water Use Efficiency (WUE) .

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The immature pod of any of various bean plants, eaten as a vegetable.