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Garlic is among the oldest known horticultural crops. In the Old World , Egyptian and Indian cultures referred to garlic 5000 years ago and there is clear historical evidence for its use by the Babylonians 4500 years ago and by the Chinese 2000 years ago. Earlier in history garlic grew wild over a much larger region and, in fact, wild garlic may have occurred in an area from China to India to Egypt to the Ukraine . This region where garlic has grown in the wild is referred to as its “center of origin” since this is the geographic region where the crop originated and the only place where it flourished in the wild. In fact, although we sometimes hear about “wild garlic” elsewhere in the world, this is the only region where true garlic routinely grows in the wild without the assistance of human propagation.

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An edible bulb with a pungent taste and smell, composed of several concentric layers, used in cooking. 2: A strong-smelling pungent-tasting bulb, used as a flavoring in cooking and in herbal medicine.