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MAXIMco considered one of the leading companies globally in exporting a wide assortment of seasonal and year-round freshest vegetables and fruits with high quality through comprehensive systems and trustworthy growers. The company was founded in 2003 and headquarted in Egypt-Cairo since 2006.
A world leader in the export of Egypt's fine form of fruits and vegtebales. We have grown through average 10 thousand ton per year and still rising up. We are distinguished by international quality standards in our goods throughout a specialized team and with the best and fastest shipping methods to ensure that it reaches the customer's country in an ideal and fresh condition. The organization is proud to provide global operation with local knowledge. We are proud that we provide e-busniess to ensure cargo tracking and requesting a quotation. The company is also characterized by its commitment to achieve the optimal specifications for the customer's order according to their destination country. We take into consideration all customer demands from size, packaging and weights.